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What are some common injuries for scaffold workers?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2022 | Uncategorized

Working on a construction site can leave you continually at risk for certain kinds of injuries.

One of the most common kinds that you may struggle with is lasting consequences after falling from or walking on an unsafe scaffold. Learning about how these injuries occur can help you if you do not know what steps to take next.

Tripped on loose items

According to the United States Department of Labor, you may trip and fall because of equipment left sitting out on a platform where workers walk. Other employees may fail to clean up properly or place hammers and other tools out of the walkway, which can lead to a slip and fall incident.

After falling, you may suffer from severe head or spinal injuries, which are two of the most common health problems.

Hurt from collapsing scaffold

If workers are rushing to build or fix a scaffold, then they may improperly construct it or forget to test it for safety. Not following the safety rules OSHA outlines in the manual may leave the platform in danger of collapsing.

If you fall or harm yourself after a scaffold collapses, then you may struggle to go back to work or do everyday activities like driving. Not only can you sustain injuries in a fall but you can also deal with serious health issues if boards or heavy construction items fall on you after or during the collapse.


Loose wires on platforms that are not properly fixed or hidden can leave you with an intense shock if you come into contact with them. Working on a scaffold can leave you in danger of life-threatening accidents.