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Surgical Negligence And Errors Can Leave You Worse Off Than Before Your Treatment

For many people, surgery is often the best course of action to treat their condition, from a simple biopsy to a more complex organ transplant that can save a life, they come with inherent risks and complications can easily arise that sharply raise the risk to the patient’s health. However, in some unfortunate cases the risk is not inherent from the procedure, but because the attending health care provider made a careless mistake during the course of the surgery. When such a negligent act occurs that falls below the standard of care that the surgeon owes to their patient, it is a form of medical malpractice, and you have the right to seek fair compensation from them for the harm that was done to you.

At Hofeld and Schaffner, we are experienced medical malpractice attorneys with decades of experience in representing seriously injured patients who were harmed by the negligence of their doctor, nurse or other medical provider. Your life can be seriously impacted by a botched surgery, and the resulting medical bills and other pain that you may need to go through to be made well again can far exceed the original condition for which you were being treated.

When You Need Help Recovering From A Surgery Mistake, We Are Here For You

Despite how much we wish we can trust our health care providers, there are still thousands of preventable surgical errors or mistakes that are made every year. When you are one of these unfortunate patients, you need to come to our team of personal injury attorneys here at Hofeld and Schaffner. We have experience in a broad array of surgical negligence cases, due to our long history of operating here in Chicago. Such cases have included common situations such as:

  • The surgeon operated on the wrong part of your body. This often happens when the entry incision that the surgeon makes is incorrectly placed, such as in the wrong limb or on the wrong side of the body. This leaves an additional scar and further treatment will be needed for that access area to heal and any unneeded surgical work to be undone.
  • The surgeon performed the wrong operation on you. In a busy hospital, it can sometimes happen that the medical team will become confused and mix up a patient’s file, resulting in the doctor performing a different procedure than the one that you were intended to receive. This can result in catastrophic injuries, especially in the case of major surgeries such as organ transplants or amputations.
  • The surgeon failed to respond appropriately to a surgical complication. Surgeries routinely have complications that arise as they are performed, and it is the surgeon’s duty to respond accordingly and take the proper action to minimize their impact. A failure to do so can lead to serious harm or even death.
  • The surgeon left a foreign object inside of the incision. This all to often mistake is made when a surgeon fails to remove all of the medical devices and tools that they used during the course of your operation, such as gauze or a sponge. Such objects can lead to infections and can cause serious harm.
  • The surgeon operated on the wrong patient. In a worst case scenario, you may wake up in the hospital to find that you were operated on when you were never supposed to receive any such surgery. Such mistakes are grave, and a serious violation of your person.

No matter how your injury was caused, you deserve to get fair compensation so that you can begin to put your life back together. We want to help make that possible for you.

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If you have been the victim of surgical negligence, then you need to get help so that you can get financial compensation to pay for your medical bills and additional suffering. Our team at Hofeld and Schaffner can help you, so call us today at 312-702-1918, or send us a message through our online contact form. We offer free consultations, so reach out to us for yours soon.