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Respected Construction Accident Litigators

Every construction site has the potential to have a high risk of injury. Even though there are numerous regulations meant to ensure safety on construction sites, workers continue to get injured. Serious and life altering accidents on a construction site can happen because of:

  • Unsafe working conditions
  • Other workers’ mistakes
  • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals

If you are a construction worker and you have received a severe, life-changing injury due to an accident at your job, then you need to speak with an experienced construction accident attorney at Hofeld and Schaffner. We have been representing construction accident victims for decades, and have helped hundreds of clients receive fair compensation for their medical care and medical costs. Call our office to discuss your catastrophic injuries with one of the members of our team and learn how we can help you get payment for your medical expenses.

Working For You And Your Family

The legal team at the Chicago firm of Hofeld and Schaffner understands that serious work injuries from construction site accidents disrupt the lives of not only the victims, but their families as well. These injuries can significantly limit or even eliminate their ability to earn gainful employment, causing financial hardship beyond the initial medical bills. That is why our lawyers work hard to pursue the optimum amount of compensation for your situation. Our firm is respected throughout Illinois as one of the top personal injury firms in the area.

Our firm knows all too well that vulnerable construction sites are even more dangerous when lapses of judgment happen or safety measures do not get taken. The following types of accidents occur frequently at construction sites:

  • Poorly built trenches that cave in
  • Mistakes in crane operation that increase the chance of crushing or impalement
  • Poorly maintained scaffolding that collapses
  • Faulty tools such as nail guns and welding equipment

For any construction worker, it is very easy to become injured on site due to the nature of this dangerous occupation. Even after the incident, you may experience even more issues with getting your compensation claim paid by your insurance company. We can represent as leading attorneys in getting injured construction workers their compensation benefits that they need to be made whole again.

Trusted And Experienced

The attorneys at Hofeld and Schaffner are premier practitioners of personal injury law and have the skill to navigate the most complex accident cases. Make their award-winning experience your advantage in your personal injury case.

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Construction injuries can substantially affect your ability to earn a living for yourself and your family. Call Hofeld and Schaffner today at 312-702-1918 or get in touch online with our contact form to schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer. Se habla español.