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Penalizing Medical Malpractice

At the heart of any medical malpractice is the failure to maintain a standard of care. This failure to maintain best medical practices negatively impacts the health of the patient, resulting in a life-threatening condition or a fatality. Especially tragic are disabilities brought about by avoidable birth injuries that create a lifetime of need.

Complex Cases Require A Leading Firm

The complicated nature of most medical malpractice cases necessitates using a legal firm with extensive personal injury litigation experience and skilled lawyers. At Hofeld and Schaffner, we have decades of experience pursuing compensation for victims of malpractice and their loved ones.

There are several areas of medical malpractice which include:

  • Physician error or negligence – in diagnosis, treatment plans or surgical procedures
  • Employer responsibility – the medical facility that employs the doctors and nurses that treated you can also be held responsible for employing negligent or unqualified personnel
  • Product liability – examples of products involved include pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Lack of informed consent – failing to disclose the risks of treatment, its benefits and/or its alternatives; any procedure requires a signed release

A Strong Reputation Of Litigation Success

Our success at litigating malpractice cases is driven by the desire to make things right for our clients. There are time limits to pursue a medical malpractice claim, so one should not delay pursuing a claim. In Illinois, there is a two-year time limit, but there may be many exceptions to this. If a minor is involved, the time limit will be longer.   In order to be certain you do not lose your right to recovery, you should seek a consultation with our experienced lawyers as soon as possible.

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