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Attorneys Facilitating Strong Recoveries After Head Injuries

The aftermath of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is challenging for anyone. No matter how minor or seemingly invisible your head injury is, you may face a long readjustment period. If your TBI is more severe, you may be unable to work for a long time. You may need neuropsychological care and other types of therapy.  Our brain injury attorneys work hard to bring help and hope to people who are recovering from brain injuries suffered in accidents such as the following:

  • Car, truck and motorcycle crashes
  • Slip-and-fall accidents on cracked sidewalks, icy surfaces and/or defective stairways
  • Violence in places with inadequate security such as parking garages and office building hallways
  • High school or college sports injuries

Some TBI claims and lawsuits take a year or longer to resolve. When our lawyers take your case, we will be with you for the long haul if necessary. Our experience will help us advise you on ways to demonstrate and document the challenges that you now live with because of your TBI. Our goal will be to get you the compensation you need. We want you to have the highest levels of support in the months and years to come.

The Two-Pronged TBI Case

As with any personal injury case, a TBI claim or lawsuit needs to prove the following elements in a compelling way:

  • You were injured because of someone’s negligence.
  • You suffer losses that deprive you of the health and well-being that you enjoyed before the accident.

Our attorneys do not wait to act on either aspect; we start working on both simultaneously. We gather and analyze medical reports at the same time we begin accident reconstruction work. As a result, our clients’ cases are well-prepared in a coordinated, timely manner. A key goal we have in every case is to ensure that our client will have the resources necessary to progress and adjust to life after the TBI as satisfactorily as possible.

Schedule A Free Initial Consultation After A Brain Injury

Our lawyers are ready to evaluate your case and begin building a strategy in pursuit of the compensation you need after a brain injury. If your loved one is in a coma or otherwise severely disabled, we will join forces with you in pursuit of what your family needs.

To schedule a free conversation with an attorney after an accident resulting in a head injury, call 312-702-1918 or complete our online inquiry form.