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Chicago Truck Accident Attorneys

Chicago’s roads and expressways are frequent scenes of major crashes involving semis and other types of trucks. News reports describing the circumstances of truck accidents may give the impression that other drivers were at fault when, in fact, trucks were speeding, blocking traffic unexpectedly or otherwise posing hazards to the normal flow of traffic.

A prompt investigation is one of the most important steps toward justice for the injured or surviving family members of someone killed in a collision. A review of the evidence may reveal that one or more of these factors was to blame:

  • A semi trailer approaching a line of cars and other vehicles that were stopped in traffic crashed into the last one in line.
  • A truck rolled over or jackknifed and was thus struck by one or more other vehicles traveling normally on the same road or expressway.
  • A driver of another vehicle entered an unmarked intersection and was then T-boned by a speeding truck coming toward it.
  • A too-tall truck collided with a bridge or overpass, suddenly stopped and was then rear-ended by another vehicle coming from behind.

All these scenarios are descriptions of accidents that have happened in Chicago and other places. Whatever caused a truck accident that injured you or took the life of your loved one, the personal injury attorneys at Hofeld and Schaffner are ready to uncover the facts that can help us help you recover compensation.

About The True Causes

When our attorneys look beyond apparent traffic law violations in a truck crash, we sometimes discover that defective truck parts or equipment and other factors were to blame, such as the following:

  • Failed brakes
  • Missing lightbulbs
  • Faulty trailer hitches
  • Faulty maintenance
  • Truck driver fatigue

Through our detailed investigations, we prepare damage claims that explain how our clients’ truck accidents occurred.

About The Injuries

Accidents involving 18-wheelers, utility trucks or any other type of truck often result in serious injuries such as:

  • Broken bones (bone fractures)
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI), also referred to as head injuries
  • Back, neck, shoulder or spinal cord injuries
  • Fatal injuries of any kind

When injuries are life-changing and catastrophic, it is important to work with life care planners to help put a dollar figure on the true costs to come over a lifetime.

Learn how To File An Injury Claim Or Lawsuit

Call Hofeld and Schaffner at 312-702-1918 or send an email inquiry to schedule a no-obligation case analysis after a semi-trailer accident or any other type of truck crash.