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Chicago Defective Product Attorneys

We expect consumer and medical products to improve our lives, not injure us. Fortunately, Illinois law allows harmed individuals and deceased victims’ loved ones to pursue redress for injury by defective products. The ways a product can be defective include:

  • Faulty design of the product that causes a malfunction that injures the user
  • Inadequate (or nonexistent) warnings and communication of safe product use on packaging
  • Manufacturing defect that results in the failure of a product to perform as promised

Award-Winning Advocacy

At Hofeld and Schaffner in Chicago, we have the skill to bring together the details of a product liability case and formulate a strong litigation strategy. We vigorously pursue the rights of our clients injured by a variety of products including:

Significant injuries may require a lengthy recovery period and could lead to permanent disability. Meanwhile, you have bills to pay and possibly a family to support. It is essential to pursue compensation from those responsible for your suffering and life setback.

Resolution For The Unexpected

No one expects a malfunctioning seatbelt or small household appliance to alter the course of his or her life negatively, but it happens every day. For decades, our firm has delivered positive results to victims of defective product injuries. Over the last several years, we recovered more than $300 million in compensation for our clients.

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If you or a loved one has an injury or has died as a result of a defective product, give the law firm of Hofeld and Schaffner a call at 312-702-1918 or reach us through our online contact form to schedule an appointment. Se habla español.