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How can diagnostic errors happen?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

When getting a diagnosis for a serious threat to your health, you may wonder whether the doctors missed any important details.

Between rushed visits and confusing interactions, there are many ways that a misdiagnosis can happen when you are talking to a medical professional.

Minimal communication

According to the AARP, spending quality time talking to your doctor is important for them when they try to understand all parts of your health issues. If they miss one symptom, they could misdiagnose you and leave you without the important help you need.

If you leave a visit feeling rushed or like you did not get to say everything on your mind about your physical health, it could be a sign of future problems. This lack of connection can leave you at risk for misunderstandings between you and your doctor.

Lack of further tests

Many doctors may feel rushed and pressured, which means they may decline to send you for more tests and follow-up appointments. This choice can lead to them missing important details and potential threats to your health.

Some doctors may assume the first diagnosis you receive is the best or only one that is possible.

Failure and overconfidence

When a doctor does not seek a second opinion or does not listen to you when you claim that the diagnosis you received could be wrong, it could be a sign of overconfidence. This lack of questioning of their own ability can leave you without correct answers after a visit.

Whether they read the tests incorrectly or do not order the correct tests, this kind of reaction is dangerous. Dealing with diagnostic errors can leave you at risk for many continuing health problems.