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3 serious issues that make I-80 a dangerous roadway

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2019 | Personal Injury

There is no denying that I-80 is not the safest road in Illinois. It is especially dangerous near Joliet, which is one of the main routes into Chicago. Trying to navigate this stretch of roadway is a challenge for commuters trying to get into the city to work. Not only might it give you a headache on your daily trek but also it puts you at risk of becoming another accident statistic.

According to WJOL, the construction of I-80 was in the 1960s, and it has not seen much improvement or change since then, which leaves it out of date and seriously behind the current needs. There many issues with the Joliet area of the road, but here are three that lead to the most problems.

  1. Varying speed limits

This is not a straight road where you can comfortably cruise along. This stretch is full of bends and turns that require you to pay attention and change your speed. This leads to traffic jams and accidents from those drivers who are not paying attention.

  1. Lacking enough lanes

The two-lane structure of the road does not support the volume of traffic that travels on it. Furthermore, you can always expect slowdowns on the narrow bridges that also cannot handle this demand. With experts expecting traffic only to increase as the suburbs grow, the fact that this road cannot handle the traffic is a considerable concern.

  1. Concerning bridge conditions

The bridges along I-80 were never meant to bear the amount of traffic they currently do. Engineers have already flagged many for needing repairs or risking unsafe conditions. On top of this, those bridges do not meet standards for the shoulder area, which only increases the risks.

I-80 has serious issues that require immediate attention. Traveling this roadway into the city is a danger regardless of the time, but during the busiest commute times, the potential for an accident is high.