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Facts about employee injuries in Illinois workplaces

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2024 | Personal Injury

Workplace injuries occur when employees suffer harm due to their job duties or work environment. These injuries can range from minor cuts and bruises to more severe conditions, including chronic illnesses or traumatic injuries.

Workplace health issues can affect workers’ ability to perform their tasks, leading to significant personal, financial and operational consequences.

Injured workers in Illinois

In 2022, Illinois reported a total of 112,500 workplace injury cases. Out of the total incidents, 73,500 were DART cases. DART handles cases involving missed work, job restrictions or transfers. These cases tend to address more serious health conditions. DART cases occurred at a rate of 1.8 for every 100 employees.

The proportion of less severe cases that did not require time off or job changes was around 0.9 per 100 workers. This rate was slightly lower than the national rate of 1.0, demonstrating how Illinois faces distinct challenges with serious workplace injuries.

Around 70% of serious work-related injury cases in Illinois resulted in at least one day away from work, a rate that exceeds the national average of 67%. This suggests that workplace injuries in Illinois are more likely to lead to significant downtime for affected employees.

Trends in specific industries

Some industries saw more work-related injuries than others. The trade, transportation and utilities sectors experienced a notable increase in injury rates compared to the previous year. The physical demands of the jobs and the operational environments may present specific workplace safety challenges.

Additionally, the education and health services sector saw a notable increase in the rate of serious injuries. This trend is concerning because staff injuries in these fields can impact service quality and accessibility for patients and students.

Addressing workplace incidents

When someone experiences a serious work-related accident, they should first seek immediate medical attention to address any injuries. Following medical assessment, the injured party should promptly report the incident to their employer, ensuring the event is officially documented. This step is essential for initiating claims, preventing future accidents and maintaining workplace compliance.

The injured worker should maintain a comprehensive record of the accident’s details, including the time, location and circumstances leading up to the accident. Photographs of the injury and the accident scene can provide valuable information for potential injury claims.

Reducing harm in the workplace means developing more effective safety protocols and promoting practices that prevent future incidents. It is important to understand trends in workplace injury rates to support a culture of safety and health for workers across Illinois.