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What are different skull fractures?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2022 | Uncategorized

Motor vehicle accident victims in Illinois deserve to have a medical professional examine them after the collision. Even if they feel fine, they could have injuries such as skull fractures.

Johns Hopkins Medicine explains different skull fractures. Knowing which skull fracture they have could help accident victims seek proper compensation and medical treatment.

Depressed skull fracture

Car accident victims with depressed skull fractures may have a cut in their scalps. With a depressed fracture, the force of the accident depresses a portion of the skull. Depending on the fracture’s severity, the person may require surgery.

Linear skull fracture

The most common skull fracture, linear fractures break but do not shift the bone. Linear skull fracture patients could require medical observation before returning to their routine without medical treatment.

Basilar skull fracture

The most severe fracture, basilar skull fractures damage the bone at the bottom of the skull. Individuals with basilar fractures may have eye and ear bruising. If the fracture tears a portion of the covering of the brain, patients may also experience clear fluid drainage from their ears or nose.

Diastatic skull fracture

Diastatic skull fractures happen along the skull’s suture lines, found between head bones that merge during childhood. The fracture, more common in newborns, widens the suture lines.

With a physician’s help, motor vehicle accident victims build a full inventory of all the injuries they suffered in the collision. The better informed they are of the harm they suffered at the hands of another, the better they understand how to build their legal case and pursue fair compensation.