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Common types and the impact of surgical negligence

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2023 | Medical Malpractice

While any form of surgery comes with risks, patients have to place their faith in their medical providers to deliver proper results.

Unfortunately, mistakes can still happen, and more often than one might think. According to the American Medical Association, 31% of physicians faced lawsuits during their careers in 2022.

Common types of surgical mistakes

A number of errors can happen during surgery. When that happens, it may cause permanent damage and severely impact a person’s quality of life. Although not a comprehensive list, some common surgical errors include:

  • Surgery conducted on the wrong side of a body
  • Foreign objects left in the body
  • Organs or nerves sustain damage
  • Improper diagnosis leads to unnecessary surgery
  • Mistakes made by anesthesiologists

Often, when these mistakes happen, the effects of them may not show up immediately.

Reasons for surgical errors

Surgery comes with complexities, which require absolute focus and experience. Even the best surgeon may face personal or professional issues that may lead to not having the proper mindset for surgery. Whether fatigued, failed to plan and communicate, or simply did not follow procedure, these all may lead to preventable issues that should not have happened during the surgery.

Long-term effects of surgical negligence

Along with possibly facing a lifetime of debilitating complications, especially if the error involves organ or nerve damage, a surgical error also has a financial, psychological and social impact. Many patients experience PTSD and develop depression, which may come with behavioral and social issues. Some surgical errors may lead to the development of other medical issues, further increasing the financial strain.

Anyone who experiences surgical negligence has the right to pursue compensation.